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investigation broke on an fbi string involving ron calderon, the california state senator from a political family wielding 30 years of influence. take a look. >> reporter: los angeles, the city where fame and infamy go hand in hand. >> tax credits work. >> reporter: here everything seems larger than life. including its politicians. that is ron calderon. he is the target of an ongoing federal investigation. according to a sealed affidavit obtained exclusively by al jazeera's investigative unit, the senator is for sale. a politician willing to influence legislation in exchange for money. as part of an elaborate undercover sting, fbi agents posed as owners of a studio. >> they had to establish bank accounts. they needed a business license, and so it's a very extensive lengththy operation. >> reporter: the senator allegedly wanted his family added to the payroll. he told undercover agent s, any help you can do for which kids that's diamonds for me. at the world famous pebble beach resort, he attended a fund raiser. the greens were lined with some of the state's most influential lobbyist. despi
. reservations for weddings and other events >> coming up on "california country," meet some of the folks responsible for adding a little zest to our lives. then, what a chef wants, this man will find. tag along with us as we go on a produce pursuit in northern california. then, meet a farmer who is surrounded by his favorite things--his berries and his brothers. finally, think starting a vegetable garden is hard? our expert has advice to get you started and on your way to a homegrown meal in no time. it's all ahead, and it starts now. [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation] >> so we all know that california is king when it comes to growing citrus. and when it comes to growing lemons, no one is bigger than this ventura county farm. and with over 7,000 acres of lush lemon trees, limoneira isn't just the biggest lemon grower in california, but in all of north america. based in santa paula, the farm is a testament to what hard work and determination can do. founding fathers nathan blanchard and wallace hardison first bought the land way back in 1893 and named the ranc
to "covered california", financial assistance. if your annual income as an individual is below about $46,000 a year, you would qualify to purchase "covered california" health insurance but with financial assistance. for the expansion medical group for children, if you are at 250 percent of the federal poverty level or essentially as an individual about $29,000 a year a. , if you have income below that, you qualify for the medi-cal expansion program. if you are an individual with 138 poverty level which translates to $16,000 a year for the individual, you would qualify for the expanded medi-cal programment. i did want to talk about services for seniors. traditional medi-cal will continue to exist pretty much unchanged as it exist today for seniors and again for persons with disabilities. the note we would make and there is some, again policy clarifications that we are waiting on around persons with disabilities who are underage 65 have more options today. currently they might be able to apply for the medical expansion program. some of this population maybe on a share cost for the medi-ca
, avis budget car rental, llc, ean-northern california, llc, dtg operations, inc., and fox rent a car, inc. for the period of january 1, 2014, through december 31, 2018. airport commissionn >> same house same hall. this ordinance is approved. next item. >> clerk item 3: 130913: [collective bargaining agreement, amendment no. 1 - crafts coalition] sponsor: mayor ordinance adopting and implementing amendment no. 1 to the 2012-2014 collective bargaining agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the bricklayers and allied crafts, local 3; hod carriers, local 166; building inspectors' association; the northern california carpenters regional council, local 22; carpet, linoleum, and soft tile workers, local 12; plasterers and cement masons, local 300; glaziers, architectural metal and glass workers, local union no. 718; international alliance of theatrical stage employees, moving picture technicians, artist and allied crafts of the united states, its territories and canada, local 16; international association of bridge, structural, ornamental, reinforcing iron workers, rigg
made possible by california farm bureau federation] >> so we all know that california is king when it comes to growing citrus. and when it comes to growing lemons, no one is bigger than this ventura county farm. and with over 7,000 acres of lush lemon trees, limoneira isn't just the biggest lemon grower in california, but in all of north america. based in santa paula, the farm is a testament to what hard work and determination can do. founding fathers nathan blanchard and wallace hardison first bought the land way back in 1893 and named the ranch limoneira, which means "lemon lands" in portuguese. >> and at the time, they wanted to bring about the first full-scale commercial operation citrus ranch in the u.s. and from there, we added, throughout the years, over the last 115-16 years, 3 other families have come into the fold, and that's where we've grown today to be our 7,000 acres that we are in california. >> once called the home of the lemon, it actually took 15 years before those first farmers even turned a profit at the limoneira farm. but they persevered, and as they say, they
. [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation] >> coming up on "california country" the face of andy boy produce. yes, there really is an andy boy. >> who is this? >> yep. it's me. >> oh. >> then she's getting her goat, but that's a good thing for this talented farmer. >> you see how comfortable the baby is? you can't carry the big one. >> then as the weather heats up, it's timeo get gardening and our expert has the tips to get you started. >> think of the best salsa you've ever had. it was the fresh cilantro, wasn't it? >> it's all ahead and it starts now. take a walk through your average produce aisle these days and there are more choices than ever, but one fa has very eye-catching marketing strategy to entice you. and it all has to do with the bright picture of a little boy named andy. but have you ever stopped to wonder, who is this andy boy guy anyway? >> andy boy's my father, andy d'arrigo, he's the face on the label and a lot of people ask, is there an andy boy and i say, yes, there is. >> who is this? >> yep. it's me. >> oh. ha ha. you see, when folks
but for "covered california" that registration period ends march 31st. there is a population that targets medi-cal eligibility. what we don't want to happen is people thinking they can wait and they have now missed the window to apply for "covered california". this is an amazing benefit that san francisco wants to see everyone eligible enrolled in a health coverage product. ready the idea is to come in and get enrolled. that's the main message here. how to enroll, that goes right into next thing about this concept of no wrongdoer. there is various ways. if you are online, you can do it on a website and there is numbers to call and as well as mail in applications. i listed up here. i won't read them all out but the various different options. if you want to go to the website, it's the california covered website. it's https: //apply if you want to call, it's the san francisco sf number. https: // there it goes >> great. if you would like to call there is two options. either the "covered california" call center or the local san francisco sf benefits net call c
here in california, what do you think the impact is going to be in terms of our topic about costs and i think as we went through the cpmc discussions, the only thing we agree on is everyone doesn't know what's going to happen. what do you think about it? >> in california you have a proactive value purchaser of health care. it can have a significant impact on in this market in terms of what it's going to demand of the participating health plan and the prices they have and the information they provide to their enrolled patients around helping and supporting them to make more economical decisions. the only way they're going to be successful is if they do that. there's going to be pressure on innovative network design and we've seen what they've come forward with for limited networks. >> could you see them as being the catalyst to cover california? >> i think in this particular state they can certainly be a strong catalyst for change. >> okay. thank you very much. next, we have profession or fessor king. i'm glad you're feeling well and professor king is here after giving birth to her c
tremendous leader in the california state senate darryl stein beggar. >> good afternoon to leaders from the bay area. when i hear people talk about this bridge and today's events the touchstone that is most often talked about is 1989 the earthquake. and this is, of course, appropriate. but as steven said earlier the touchstone for this great california event could be just as easily been 1936 the year the bridge was build. for in 193 of this country was in the midst of the great depression. a signal to renewed civic effort proved that the pioneer spirit still lives. and now, of course, it the 2012 and we're here again. today, we decade this new span worked through the toughest economic times since the great demonstration. we must make is a symbol a time of growth not just holding on. more californians working in jobs not more unemployment. a time to make real what we only dream of and not just settling for what is easy. a time for the inevitable disagreements over what we do to lead to principle comprised and progress not tired failure. on this labor day thank you to all of the great lea
. the new deal deals with things in a different way. when i was going to school, california school's were the best. now they are among the worst with the new budget cuts. of course, my university is being privatized. all of the higher education is being privatized. all through the uc system. how do you run a modern state with tax cuts? we resort to desperate, back last november, we were asked to vote to make four indian casinos in san diego county pony up money. i thought this was a joke. they voted to do it. now, the governor proposes to borrow against future revenues. how did they deal with these social problems when the economic problems were far worse than what we can imagine today? this is from larry halprin's. and it has these quotes from roosevelt on the wall. he said in one of his talks to the people, "the test is not whether we have more, it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little". it's a different philosophy than that which we have become used to. what i am going to show you is a lost civilization. it's a strange place. and yet, it becomes oddly familiar afte
arizona a california para ser apercibido por los cargos >> ¿que tan ciertas son las estadísticas sobre reducción del crimen en san josé? estudio dice que no reflejan toda la verdad. en este año solo ha habido 8 homicidios ligados a las maras, pero al parecer todo reside en la manera en que se tabulan los casos >> el adolescente sospechoso de prender fuego a joven de 18 años en autobús enfrentará cargo como adulto por cargos de violencia agravada y por cometer delito grave que resultó en serias lesiones >> en oakland mujer murió luego de ser atropellada en interestatal cerca de las 6 de la mañana >> una revisión a libertad condicional de un hombre llevó a descubrir operaciones de tráfico de personas. cuando ingresaron a la habitación del hombre se descubrió mujer que se prostituia >> a díario jornaleros y trabajadores caen en manos de empleadores sin escrúpulos >> representantes de viaras organizaciones discutieron forma de enmendar ley para que proteja número más amplio de trabajadores. robo de salarios es un problema grave en california >> casos de robo de salario a
state must decide whether they'll follow the president's plan. within hours, california insurance commissioner dave jones sent a letter to the state insurance exchange. jones wants covered california to modify the contract with health insurers. >> neither federal nor state law allow me with action today, to outright stop the cancellation s but i will urge california's insurance companies follow the president's call. >> the state insurance commissioner wants insurers to issue new notices offering a chance to renew policies. >> our abc7 news facebook page have you had trouble signing up on health these are responses. one, i had no problem signing up with covered california. i will save $280 for better health care however, pam said yes we had trouble. the site is not available or if you get on the page it keeps freezing up. covered california says despite criticism, surveys show 69% found the process was easy to complete. 88% of the customers visiting covered found information needed to choose a health plan right for them. >>
as populations who are older so it's a mix. this plan was prepared because california has instituted a coordinated care initiative. in january of 2012 governor jerry brown introduced the coordinated care initiative. its purpose across the state of california is to improve coordinate and coordination of service delivery for consumer satisfaction of the groups i mentioned and at the same time substantial savings so they want to shift where services are provided. i should tell you that the coordinated care initiative is tied to the affordable care act. this is an implementation of an aspect of the affordable care act in the state of california. the affordable care act is intended to reduce the overall costs of healthcare and 15 states, including california, are designing integrated care models while the coordinated care initiative is california's demonstration project under the ac a. coordinated care initiative requirements beneficiaries who also qualify will be enrolled into managed care health plans for their medical benefits. i just want to review at a minimum, at a minimum. i
have today for you is a reenactment of our building codes based on the new set of codes that california issues every three years. by way of just the rule's short /-r /h*eugsly, san francisco came up with its own building codes around the turn of the century, 1900, late 1800s and that carried on through with new ordinances and earthquakes and fires and things like that that had to be addressed. after >> for your consideration. planning department makes an environmental review, a cost effectiveness study on energy and green building codes. there's the three hold in land use, ten days for the mayor to sign, 30 days for the effective date and the publish /sher needs to get the code at the end and publish them, come back to staff, staff are trained, there's outreach and all that. become effective january 1 so there's a fairly tight timeline to the beginning of year, no room for anything. we have to really stick to the schedule. at this point i think we have a pretty good set of consensus documents that i have submitted. the general policy of the department is to carry forward the existing a
san mateo county, california, et cetera. >> move it. >> second. >> any public comment on this item, seeing none, public comment is closed. all those in favor, signify by saying aye? >> aye. >> the ayes have it and the motion carries. madame secretary, next item, please. >> item 14, approve project no. cuw2730502 san andreas piper jaffray 2 and pipeline 3 improvements project in the city of south san francisco, et cetera. >> move it. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. >> any public comment on the item? seeing none, public comment is called. i will call for the vote. all those in favor, signify by saying aye? >> aye. >> and opposed? the ayes have it. the motion carries. we're going to move into closed session madame secretary, but is it appropriate to call up mr. richard hanson who submitted a card. >> yes. >> mr. hanson. >> yes, hi. my name is richard hanson and i'm speaking as a private citizen of san francisco i used to be on the puc cac and working on water and sewer and those problems for about ten years. during the time i was on the cac, i was active in ma
francisco to step up. there's things to do that won't run a foul of what has happened in california. you may receive some push back on some of that, but to the extent that you keep it narrative on what's happening in san francisco accident i think you can make great public arguments about why this is an issue for the city and it provides information for the state going forward and my basic understanding of pre-' em gs law, is it is very case specific and healthly swayed by public policy. i think that the things you could do is try things like requiring disclosure for plans negotiated here and set up a disclosure for city and county employees. things like that, i think you'll have a much better -- >> thank you very much professor. i appreciate you being here for all your hard work. and best of luck in the next few months. >> i'm going to go pass out now. >> okay. up next is professor raps. want to invite ann mccloud up who is the president of the hospital. thank you for being here. >> good afternoon and thank you for having me today. as senior vice president for hospital, cha rep
>> in 1996, sonja marcus was sentenced to a maximum of life in california prison. >> i couldn't believe it. it did not compute, they're taking your life. i was 46 years old. >> her crime: possession of less than a gram of heroine. >> how do you call yourself a judge with the interest of justice and look at somebody and... tell somebody i'm going to take your life because you have an abuse problem against yourself? >> 18 years later, sonja is out because californians amended the state's notorious three strikes law. >> this was how much room there was between my bunk and my locker in prison. that's why i never walked in there. you have the physical freedom, but after so much time, it's almost like a burden. you have no idea how to function because you've been locked in a box. >> the us incarceration system has swept up hundreds of thousands of women like sonja. many of them spend years locked up for non-violent offenses. >>women are the fastest growing population in the criminal justice system. >> it's like a maze with tons of mice in it that's being feed poison. >> in this epis
14 for 2012.0759dv. at 2526 california street/33 perine place dw discretionary review. please note that variation for the case was heard by the zoning administrator on june 26, 2013. the zoning administrator has taken the variance under advisement and a decision is pending the commission's action on the discretionary review request. if those persons exiting the room could do so quietly we would appreciate it as we do have additional proceedings under way. >> jonas let's take a two minute break and we get a quorum back and they pack that up. >> we're back on. >> i would like to welcome everyone back to san francisco planning commission for november 14, 2013 and the commission doesn't tolerate any disruption of any kind. please silent any mobile devices and when speaking before the commission please state your name for the record. commissioners i have read into the record number 14 and the corresponding notations. >> thank you. glen cabreros department staff and the project is located at 2526 california street/33 perine place. this is a through lot located in the upper fillmore n
the coverage california, the exchange for the first time and these patients will be eligible for that. >> and of course, that is fantastic. and for these patients but as we go forward in the implementation and we know that it is going to be a challenge to sort of implement the new forms of coverage under the affordable care act and so i am grateful to the task force and for taking the time to develop, a report and to issue recommendations so as to insure the continuity of the care and maintenance of the high quality comprehensive services for these patients. and first we will hear from two task force members, and courtney, pearson, and the san francisco aids foundation, and which does amazing work in san francisco and hofmann from the mission neighborhood health center and so, we will turn it over to you. >> great. so thank you, so much supervisor campos and weiner and mar, and we appreciate the opportunity to present on what took about a year, for us to pull together this recommendation document and some other documents from the hiv health reform task force and they had to leave as d
represents more than 450 hospitals throughout the entire state of california. we're happy to be here today and we applaud your efforts with the goal of reducing health care cost. i they we striving for that -- i think we striving for that and your folks said, achieving that aim. we're supportive of that. i want to say that i hope my comments today aren't perceived as not being supportive of transparency, and they're not. i hope they provide you with a balance perspective on what transparency may or may not do. when we talk about the fundamental issue of price in health care and we heard that used interchangeable three throughout the morning, price, cost, price, cost. they're two different things in hospitals. we have to work it disintangling cost from cost. i'll put it in the perspective of the airline industry. when we're searching for an airline ticket, the price we see is the cost to me, the consumer, the purchasers, not the cost to the airline and its service partners that need to deliver the product, me in a timely and safe trip from point a to point a. similarly when we talk ab
. here in california, you heard a lot about national websites not working et cetera. coverage is working great. we're signing up 10,000 people every single day. some of them going to medical and those people, about 21% of them are between the ages of 18 and 34. these are young people. those are the people that will be being part of our insurance pool, will make sure that in 2015, the rates for everyone stay as low as possible. >> another important demographic, latinos, something like 60% of the unsured in california are latino and i think, 3% of those enrolled so far in covered california are primarily spanish sneaking. what does that tell you? >> a couple things. in the first 7ñmonth, this the data about month one of the six-month enrollment period. what ten rollment will be in the next month between now and actually, not until now and december 23rd, our board also extended the enrollment period for coverage to start january 31st until the 23rd of december, we'll see a lot of enrollment in communities. we have thousands of licensed insurance agents and what we call certi
and women around the world that contributed to the construction and for all of the people in california, this is a day to celebrate. and today we have a right to embrace, a sense of achievement, and a sense of thanksgiving. none of us will forget that the newly sfan is first and foremost the public safety project and despite the journey length it has been completed before the arrival of our next big earthquake. and thank goodness for that. [ applause ] >> the bridge is looking and just a bonus that all of us who are so fortunate to live here in the bay area, will be able to enjoy. and so today, we will say hello, to the newly span, but we also say good bye to the original version. perhaps, a few comparisons between the old and the new are in order and you can follow along on your screens. the original was completed in the great depression and the new bridge as we weathered the great recession. and the cost was a little different between the two and even if yukon vert the original cost of the whole bridge end to end it is about one billion dollars in today's money and the newly span cost
health care program. nationwide and in california. one is doing better. >> michael finney on the chances your flight will be on time. which airlines are best and >>> numbers are out and we're having a look at impact numbers are having on the new health care law. 106,000 people enrolled in new plans in october. and of those, 27,000 did so at the federal web siechlt 79,000 enrolled through one of the 15 state run marketplaces. >> the crashes and problem that's plagued the federal government's health care site were the focus of a hearing today with the government's top tech people fielding questions. >> i want to know on day one was capacity sufficient? >> i can't speak to numbers you're talking about, but clearly on day one, the system was overwhelm by the volume. >> the obama administration technology chief testified adding the site is getting better he said accessing about 17,000 registrations an hour, but that is still short of the goal of 50,000 an hour. >> while people seem to be struggling with the federal government's site that does not appear to be the case for people here in, cali
in california and apparently it has not sold even one insurance policy yet on the state exchange. >> what a difference a little over a month makes, the good news obama care story you'll want to hear ahead. >>> here is an obama care headline i am reasonably certain will not be featured prominently in tonight's lineup. the federal government is as you probably heard, involved in running the new insurance exchanges in more than 30 states. but relatively few states that chose to implement their own state based exchange, are seeing a wide spectrum of success and failure. failing so far, to enroll a single person. but in california, the state exchange is working exactly the way it's supposed to. california enrolled more than 30,000 people, which by the way is more than combined in the 36 states combined where it is running exchanges. california has already doubled its numbers in the first couple of weeks of november. california is now on track to hit its 2014 enrollment party. let me say that again, california, the most populous state in the country is on track to meet its enroll
the contract terms and either prohibit gag clauses or previsions in these contracts. california has done this through sp 57 recently. 751 prohibits gag clauses once an individual is in a plan. sb 57 went onto prevent gag clauses to hhs qualified entities. they prohibit any clauses that would ban it. so -- they don't require to disclosing to anyone outside the public once you've enrolled in a plan accident so you , so you may not know how much it is when youen role. it's important to know how you want transparency in the system. do you want it at the point of treatment system and all of those are useful, but it's important to think about where that comes in. while these bills -- so you may want to go -- while these bills do help promote price transparency, you may want to go one step forward and mandate disclosure of certain kinds of information or disclose a broader range. another possible legislative move would be to simply settle the trade secret issue and say, pass legislation saying that health care price information does not constitute a trade secret in certain instances or cer
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 4,697 (some duplicates have been removed)